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Sarah Snyder Bio

Sarah Snyder is an American model and actor. She is best known as the ex-girlfriend of the famous American rapper Jaden Smith. Sarah has been involved in several model projects and has worked with some of the best luxury fashion brands.

She is known for her unusual sense of style, which she often shows through her “Instagram” photos. His acting projects include films that mainly come from the thriller or horror genre. In 2015, Bedford police booked Sarah for stealing a Hermès bag in a shipping store.

Sarah made her breakthrough as a model in 2014 when she made a photo shoot with “Urban Abstract Photography”. The photo shoot has opened up many possibilities in the modeling sector. He has participated in campaigns for brands such as “Forever 21”, “Calvin Klein” and “UNIQLO”.

It was also featured in an issue of “Vogue Japan” and has become the face of the German luxury fashion house “Hugo Boss”.

Sarah is known for her unusual and bizarre sense of style. It can easily wear bright colors, spots and patterns. Her photos on “Instagram” brought her over a million followers to the platform.

Before Sarah devoted herself to modeling, she had appeared in several films. She appeared as “Dotty” in 2010 in the horror film “Scarlet Rain”. She was also part of the horror film “Dead Woman’s Hollow”.

She played “Laura Gentry” in “Ghoul Society” and “Barbara Hamilton” in “Night of the Living Dead: Genesis”.

Sarah Snyder Pictures

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