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Katelyn Runch

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Katelyn Runck is a beautiful model and fitness instructor from North Dakota in the United States. She is a certified laser specialist and advertising technician. Katelyn is known for her perfect figure and Lifestyle Savvy & Boutique, her self-managed beauty clinic.

Katelyn Runck was born near a ranch in North Dakota, United States. She hasn’t revealed any details about her parents yet. However, she grew up with a sister named Paige. She confessed that she had a comfortable childhood. After graduating from school, Katelyn attended Rocky Mountain Laser College in Denver. She was subsequently enrolled in the National Laser Institute of Scottsdale and the American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetic. She is also a graduate of the Hollywood Airbrush Academy. Katelyn currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

Katelyn Runck knew from high school that she wanted to do something in the wellness industry. She wanted to be a runway model in Chicago, but she knew her dietary problems would create problems.

So she started keeping a fit body by doing numerous cardio exercises, weight lifting periods, and intense workouts. Today she follows a specific routine and when she has to participate in certain events she increases the frequency of her training routine.

She has successfully adapted to weight management plans and calorie consumption just as her work requires. She today she is one of the competent models in the field of WBFF Pro Fitness Model. Her portfolio is truly impressive and she has worked with high profile fashion brands, sports clubs and clothing lines

Katelyn Runck’s net worth is $ 1 million in 2022. She makes a ton of money from the fitness content she shares across all of her social connections. She also makes money by teaching classes, modeling for numerous brands, being a brand ambassador and supporting various products. After all, she owns her own clinic which also helped her for the part of her net worth of her.

Katelyn Runck Pictures

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