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Katja Glieson

Katja Glieson Bio

Katja Glieson is an Australian pop singer and actress. She the Melbourne-born artist first became popular when she starred as “Elsa” in the YouTube series Princess Rap Battle, which went viral after her release. Along with Whitney Avalon, who played “Snow White”, she achieved popularity in the first episode of the series. Since she gained popularity online after the series, Glieson has released several singles, including her original lei “Look at Us”. Her other popular videos on YouTube are “I’d Like to Kill” and “Ride the Wave”.

Glieson’s latest music video “Come Thru” starring King Bach has racked up over a million views within a year of its release. She is a regular vlogger on her music channel on YouTube and also regularly posts on her social media pages where she connects with her fans. As an aspiring singer and actress, the young woman is experiencing a steady rise in popularity day by day.

Quick Fact

  1. Glieson grew up in a conservative working-class family in Melbourne.
  2. She did not disclose any information about his family.
  3. The singer is the youngest of four brothers.
  4. He is attempting to launch an international music career in the United States.
  5. He lives in Hollywood looking for her dream career.
  6. The Australian beauty must leave her family and friends of his to pursue a music career in Los Angeles
  7. He worked hard to support her life in Los Angeles.
  8. This skinny singer was once an overweight child.
  9. The huge figure of him made her a victim of bullying in elementary school.
  10. Singing helped her cope with the trauma of bullying.
  11. Singers who inspired her to grow up include Elton John, Roy Orbison, and John Farnham.
  12. As for acting, he honed her skills at Australia’s leading children’s theater company, Alpha Shows, and landed starring roles in titles like
  13. Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast.
  14. As part of his musical career he has appeared in Perez Hilton, Cosmopolitan, The Huffington Post, MTV and Pop Crunch.
  15. Her original song “Look At Us” was posted on YouTube and went viral.
  16. She teamed up with RuPaul’s Drag Race’s Ongina and YouTuber Zedakiah to release his first original song.
  17. Their single Look At Us lyrically inspires empowerment and celebrates the idea of ​​staying true to yourself.
  18. Tiramisu is his favorite candy.
  19. Her favorite travel destination is Nha Trang Vietnam.
  20. Blonde beauty likes to wear white color.
  21. From Beat100 2014 he took home two won trophies. She was nominated for Most Creative Music Video at the 2014 Metropolis Festival
  22. and New Filmmakers NY Metropolis.
  23. The artist’s popular songs are Me Then U2018, Come Thru2017 and Ride the Wave.

Katja Glieson Pictures

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